The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast

Ep #102 Marketing: An holistic approach, with Ameeta Gangaram

June 19, 2023 Julie Parker Season 1 Episode 102
The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast
Ep #102 Marketing: An holistic approach, with Ameeta Gangaram
Show Notes

In this episode,  I am joined by marketing consultant Ameeta Gangaram from Holistic Vision Consultancy as she shares her expertise on effectively promoting dental services. 

Ameeta dives deep into the essential strategies needed to attract the right patients and maximise your practice's success.

With a focus on understanding your ideal patient, Ameeta highlights the significance of identifying their unique needs and desires. She guides us through the process of crafting a compelling service offering that resonates with their target audience. By honing in on this critical aspect, dental professionals can effectively differentiate their practice and create a strong brand identity that stands out in the competitive market.

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